Top 5 observations on USA sports betting since its legalization:
1. The large majority of states desire some form of legalized sports wagering. 
2. States that have existing casino prefer brick and mortar sign ups and combination of brick and mortar and mobile. 
3. States without casinos prefer mobile implementation administered by state lottery or newly empowered gaming board. 
4. States that adopt low tax approach with minimal integrity fee paid to pro leagues will enjoy more innovation, better Sportsbook operations and better customer satisfaction. 
5. Technology and product offerings will evolve substantially and rapidly in the USA to catch up to and overtake our European friends who have had a 20 year head start and in many cases it will be the same Europeans who will lead the way in the USA!  Yes, there are significant issues of localization in the USA market BUT the next generation will demand innovation which is a universal norm. 
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